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Chickpea & Eggplant Salad

We love the festive colours of this salad. This also keeps really well and is a great for a weekday lunch — add the rocket/baby spinach and parsley and dress before serving. You can use 150g crumbled feta in place of the yoghurt dressing, and also use sliced storebought roasted red peppers too.

Prep Time

15 mins

Cook Time

30 mins





Gluten Free

Salads & Sides



Dairy Free

Found in "Essential Volume One: Best-Ever Meals for Busy Lives"



2 large eggplant, halved lengthways then cut crossways into thick slices

2 tsp ground cumin

3/4 tsp salt

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

6 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

2 large red pepper, thinly sliced

2 x 400g cans chickpeas, rinsed and drained

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 lemon, finely grated zest of

1/4 cup lemon juice

4 handfuls rocket, or baby spinach leaves

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1/4 cup pomegranate seeds, to serve (optional)


1 clove garlic, crushed to a paste with 1/4 tsp salt

1/2 cup Greek yoghurt

1 tbsp tahini

2 tsp lemon juice



Preheat oven to 220°C/425°F fanbake and line 2 oven trays with baking paper for easy cleanup.

Place eggplant on a tray, sprinkle with cumin, salt and pepper, drizzle with 2 tbsp oil and toss to coat. Spread out in a single layer.

Arrange pepper slices on the other tray and sprinkle with 2 tbsp oil, salt and pepper. Roast until peppers are tender and starting to char and eggplant is golden and tender (about 20 minutes for peppers and 30 minutes fo r eggplant).

Set aside to cool, covering eggplant with a clean teatowel so it steams and softens further as it cools.

While veges are cooking, cook chickpeas/garbanzos, 2 tbsp oil, garlic and zest over a medium heat for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat, season and add lemon juice.

Arrange salad leaves on a platter. Toss through veges, chickpeas/ garbanzos with juices and parsley.

Top with Yoghurt Dressing and pomegranate seeds, if desired.


Crush garlic to a paste with the salt. Stir into yoghurt, and mix in tahini and lemon juice.

If desired, add a little water to thin.

Serve this with Butterflied Lamb Leg

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