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By Annabel & Rose Langbein

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An Elixir for the Modern Drinker Made From Our Dublin Bay Plums

We have been picking wild plums for many years to make our own special gin. It’s become a ritual — checking the fruit for perfect ripeness so it can release its ruby juices, then carefully blending it with eighteen different revitalising aromatics and botanicals.

Months and months later, the alchemy of nature delivers us this wonderful gin elixir.

We wanted to create a gin that was perfect for all occasions — late nights around the dining table, adventures up the lake and into the mountains, hot summer days at the beach, celebrations, and creating precious memories with friends and family.

As a family, we’ve always focused on creating small moments and rituals that bring joy to our everyday lives. These are the best parts of life, however fleeting they are — moments that matter and that we remember for years to come.

We’ve been thrilled to work with our good friend Joerg Henkenhaf at Broken Heart Spirits in Arrowtown, an award-winning distiller from Germany, to create this delicious drop.

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Bella is crafted from our Dublin Bay plums, blended with revitalising aromatics to create a luscious gin elixir.

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